Meet Hannah! – By Sophia Domzalska


Meet Hannah (the one on the right)! She is the latest JBMer and has joined the Capital Markets team as a Researcher. She started her career as a financial advisor before it was suggested that she belonged in recruitment, so she took the plunge. Fast forward two years, and she has recruited into investment banks and quantitative research, before realising her passion lay elsewhere which led her to join JBM.

She is a self-professed country girl raised in Kent. Hannah loves otters, drawing and Formula 1; as you can see she is quite the lady!

Why did you join JBM?

JBM takes a family approach to business which really appealed. But to be honest what was more important to me was I saw the next step in my career and the platform was there for me to do something new. I could take control of my career which felt empowering.

Furthermore, JBM is a values driven business but you don’t have to change yourself to fit in – you make yourself part of the framework.

What do you bring to the team?

I bring a fresh look, a new thought process and some tricks of the trade I’ve picked up. I think I can definitely incorporate my past recruitment experience into new mandates and find fresh ways to engage people. I also contribute high levels of office banter (very modest is this one)!

What is your view of the recruitment industry?

The market moves quickly, especially in financial services. Digital transformation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are all disrupting the market and we need to keep up with the ever changing skill sets needed.

I think recruitment represents opportunity; you are always learning, developing and adapting. Frankly there is no hard and fast way to do the job and everyone has their own style. I take a human approach; I don’t like to label someone a candidate as they are not a product and this isn’t an assembly line. Naturally this meant JBM was a good fit for me.

What are you most looking forward to?

Becoming a reliable and valued member of the team, I have a lot to learn but I really hope I can have a positive impact and help the capital markets team go from strength to strength. I definitely want to build an identity within JBM, long term I intend to grow into a fully-fledged consultant.

Is there anything else we need to know about Hannah?

I am a steak eating, Sancerre drinking mountain biker that washes down the day with my favourite Japanese whiskey.

Well, there you have it! Welcome to the team Hannah!

You can reach Hannah on: 0203 744 7344 Or visit the website on: