Recruitment isn’t rocket science…so why does it go wrong? – By Sophia Domzalska

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Recruitment really isn’t rocket science.. Yet so often it goes wrong, leaving candidates and clients with a sour taste in the mouth (you only have to scour some embittered threads on LinkedIn to see this). So why does something that is in principle, quite straightforward, so often go wrong?

Beyond the technical aspects of a recruitment process and having a sound knowledge of your industry and clients, it often comes down to a failure to communicate. That could be a lack of feedback, role requirements being incorrectly represented or just pure radio silence! However, if the right approach is taken from the start no one need be left out in the cold wondering what on earth happened to that role they interviewed for?

Our approach is pretty simple, we like to think of ourselves as career consultants first and foremost and as such we strive to make the recruitment experience a positive one. We centre our approach around honesty, trust and transparency.

Recruitment isn’t rocket science and neither is our approach. It’s pretty simple (though not easy) and we think it really works. Don’t just take our word for it though – check out our video to hear what our candidates have to say!